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Pack It Tin


Fly away with this dice drafting, push-your-luck puzzle game, where you pack the game away as you play.

Prepare your bags for different interesting trips, and bring the right items for various destinations. Just try not to overpack and under prepare for your next Trip…

You’ll jet-set up in under one minute; so enjoy a quick game or play multiple different trips on a Journey. Enjoy a Perfect Trip, and you’ll have already packed the game away – bonus!

Pack It Tin was designed with minimal setup and pack away time/effort in mind.


Out of the five available awards, Pack It Tin was the winner of Board Game Geek’s 2018 Mint Tin Design Challenge:

  • Best Overall Game
  • Most Innovative Mechanic
  • Best Artwork & Graphic Design

Whilst placing third in the remaining two categories:

  • Best Use of Theme
  • Best Rulebook

Contest Entry: Board Game Geek


If you’re interested in publishing Pack It Tin, please click here to review the sell sheet, and reach out using the contact page.

  • Designer Rob Sparks
  • Date 20 January 2019
  • Release Seeking publication
Categories: Games