The Cun-Ha Roaming Monster was the quickest mini I’ve painted, taking only two days to complete. As the miniature had some excellent detail on the bandages covering his mummified remains, I let the Agrax Earthshade washes do the talking, and the results came out spectacularly considering the time frame. Cun-Ha gave me an opportunity to…

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A New Card Game?

Some of the best ideas come out of thin air it seems. Well I say thin air, what I really mean is that – occasionally – lots of outside influences and ideas can randomly interact and create a new idea when you least expect it. This was the case earlier today; when preparing a wonderful…

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HITC Sport Live App

HITC Sport Live features include: We here at Here is the City (HITC) focus on providing exceptional, current news and views from around the globe. The release of our first application, HITC Sport Live, marked a huge milestone for us as a modern news aggregate site – one which we are keen to share with…

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