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Gunsen, Battle for Japan


Take command of one of two mighty Japanese navies in this easy-to-learn, deeply strategic card placement game. Plan your attack as you assemble your navy with a strong fleet of Gunsen battleships – and draft support from the dangerous serpents of the sea.


Launch attacks and bolster your fleet by covering as many enemy ships as possible with your cards – just be careful not to leave your own units exposed to a counter-attack!

You’ll be set up and drumming for battle in under a minute, on a unique playing field each time. A tactical game of pure skill and evolving strategies awaits you…

Will you claim glorious dominance of the waves; or will your fate be left to the briny deep?

Gunsen is signed to Stone Sword Games and will accompany the big box title Daimyo, part two of the hit Battle for Japan series later this year on its Kickstarter release. 

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