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Take command of one of two mighty Viking navies in this easy to learn, deeply strategic card placement game. Plan your attack as you assemble your Viking navy with a strong fleet of Drakkar longships – and draft support from the dangerous serpents of the sea.


Launch attacks and bolster your fleet by covering as many enemy longships as possible with your cards – just be careful not to leave your own units exposed to a counter-attack!


You’ll be set up and drumming for battle in under a minute, on a unique playing field each time. A tactical game of pure skill and evolving strategies awaits you – Steed of the Sea…

Will you claim glorious dominance of the waves; or will your fate be left to the briny deep?


DRAKKARD was a finalist in the Button Shy 18 identical card challenge. Watch the tutorial video here.

  • Designer Rob Sparks
  • Date 20 September 2019
  • Release Self-publish pending
Categories: Games