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iSo is a colourful isometric elimination game for 2-4 players. Built as a side project, the game ran on PC and was built in the Unity 4.3 engine.

Run around colouring as many map tiles as possible before the elimination clock runs to zero.

The player with the least coloured tiles has their tiles continually flash to let them know elimination is looming.

iSo Feature

Moving over another colour tiles replaces that colour, bringing them even closer to elimination.

A selection of power-ups has been created for the different maps in the game, along with multiple game modes and modifiers, such as elimination, blind mode, and team games.

  • Paint Bomb – Colour a 3×3 grid around your player.
  • Water Balloon – Remove all colour from a 5×5 grid around your player.
  • Jammer – All other player’s tiles appear white, and their scores are jumbled for a set time.

Due to other projects taking priority, the development of iSo was halted in 2016, but the project served as a launchpad into the wider gaming industry, as well as a beautiful project piece immortalised right here.

I always grin when I look back on this beauty, and all the late, caffeine fueled nights spent piecing it together.

  • Designer Rob Sparks
  • Date 19 April 2016
  • Language Unity/C++
Categories: CodeGames