With the huge amount of environmental data available, today’s ubiquitous computing environment where sensors and computers talk to each other provides the opportunities to harness this data. Our first product is the Bee box. This device is retro fitted to

Braul is a local multiplayer game based around the ancient Aztec Mesoamerican ballgame, with the addition of combat elements to spice up the action. Using Xbox 360 Controllers, up to four players can duke it out in the arena to

Foni is a phonograph drum machine which converts colour to sound (drum samples), to create bespoke and interesting looping beats. These beat structures are determined by the creativity of the user - formed through patterns and pictures etched onto a

  Hello all, As a video game designer and connoisseur, I am fascinated by the study of ‘gamification‘ methods to engage users to the fullest extent, especially outside of the gaming industry. The idea behind gamification is to bring in a selection of elements borrowed

Here's a video presentation of our business and an introduction into one of our products. Myself, Joe Hounsham and Paddy Selman felt that as we were a large team, any more speakers would dilute our message, and so only us