iSo is a PC video game currently being developed by myself in my spare time. Built in the Unity engine, iSo is a local multiplayer point scoring game which is centred around the finite number of floor blocks available to be coloured in. A selection of power-ups have been created for the different maps in the game, along with multiple game modes and modifiers, such as elimination, blind mode, and team games.

iSo is still very much in the early stages of development, due to the whole project being designed, developed, and implemented by myself, however the intention is to release a free demo once a playable version is available. Here are some gifs of the game in action:

iSo Colour Move

Colouring through movement.

iSo Scramble Power Up

Red player activating ‘Scramble’ ability.

iSo End of Game

End of game (Red player wins)



Project Type Individual – Video Game (PC)
Collaborators Rob Sparks
Duration June 2014 – Present

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