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Finally sorted through all my Magic The Gathering (MTG) cards, and my goodness does it feel good.

I’ve been a huge MTG fan for a few years now, and after having bought a fair few boosters, fat packs, core sets, a couple pre-releases, and a booster box (Battle For Zendikar – awesome block) – my collection was fairly all over the place. Luckily it was my birthday just a few days ago, and as such I was gifted with something I had no idea I really needed; and MTG storage gift box, accompanied with stickers representing all sorts of attributes to sort your collection by. So that’s what I did – and it was equal parts relaxing and stressful, but now that it’s done, I feel like I’ve cleansed my mind.

I decided if I was going to sort it out, I was going to do it right, and I purchased a bunch of different coloured sleeves to protect any non common rarity cards. I invented a system for sleeving the cards…

  • Common [Foil] – No [Black] Sleeve
  • Uncommon [Foil] – Clear [Black] Sleeve
  • Rare [Foil]- White Sleeve
  • Mythic [Foil] – Orange Sleeve

… and cracked on with the sleeving. Whilst sleeving, I organised the cards into blocks, and piled them up in their colours, which helped a big deal later when putting them in rigorous order. I then went through each colour block and organised them into their individual card types, in ascending mana cost, starting with instants, then sorceries, enchantments, artifacts, creatures, planeswalkers, and lands. Once a colour pile was sorted, they were added to the box in yet another order of colour within the block, starting with colourless, and working through the colours until you reach multicolored at the back of the block. The block was then marked with a small stickered bookmark, and I moved onto the next block. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat – until I had the most recent block at the back of the left row, and the oldest cards I owned at the front of the right row – to create this incredibly heavy masterpiece:

Side Note – Scalding Tarn and The Cube

To any MTG fans out there who like rare cards, this is the rarest I’ve acquired, and my goodness was it a cracking pull from my Battle For Zendikar box back when the block was released. I desperately wanted to keep it, but it having such a high value on release, I ended up selling it for double the price of the box itself, a deal too sweet to turn down unfortunately. Still, gnarly beast this one was.

Another great side effect of buying a box of boosters was that I got to spend a good old time developing a Battle For Zendikar Cube for drafting decks with friends. It took quite a while to get in order, and I have spent a couple sessions balancing it, but it plays just like the sealed experience, all self contained, which is good enough for our play group: