Due to my active voluntary involvement with the Educate The Kids charity (SCO27998), I offered to redesign their website to help attract visitors, and bump up retention figures. Shortly after taking on the work, we saw noticeable increases in site traffic, which resulted in more funds raised, and more wonderful children going to get an education. As the sole designer / developer for the online presence, I had the creative freedom to work through multiple iterations of the site – reporting back to the founders of the charity to ensure there were no conflicts of vision regarding branding.

As the founders were not particularly web literate, there were a few disagreements throughout development which ultimately manifested as having to explain a selection of my design decisions, however we always kept a mutual respect of each other’s opinions and roles in the project. This resulted in a very positive experience creating an informative and beautiful site, one which lasted for a few years until management of the charity was transferred to a member of the founder’s family. With new management in place, and an offer from a professional web design studio to create a bespoke site for the charity, I found myself happily handing over the keys to the kingdom – something which was a welcome development for me to free up time for other projects. Overall I had a fantastic experience working with the charity as the developer, designer, and webmaster (all in one) – I learned a lot of unique and transferable skills, and I got to support the charity (and kids) that I love, and still volunteer with to this day.

Our vision is to see the children in Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld, and their dreams fulfilled. We believe this can be achieved through education.


Project Type Web Design – Educate The Kids Website (Charity)
Collaborators Rob Sparks
Duration Aug 2014 – February 2016
Website educatethekids.com (New design courtesy of Adao*)

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