DYFRNT is a start-up partnership based in the South West that aims to bring a brand new type of experience to Bristol’s diverse nightlife. The name, DYFRNT, is synonymous with the alternative experiences we aim to create. We’re offering the people of Bristol a change of scenery influenced by the fantastic variety of independent businesses, that we feel can be lost amidst the noise of the mainstream.

DYFRNT offers nights out comprised of two or three individual parts, taking place at several venues spanning the city, which we have carefully selected for our customers. These venues have been researched and quality tested by our team to ensure that our customers will have a fantastic evening, with some special touches along the way.

You can find the full Company Biography here, and our simple partnership infographic here.

The ‘Gemstone’ Logo

The logo went through multiple iterations throughout the course of our early creative development. We wanted to capture a lot of different elements in the design of our logo,
including the random nature of the packages we offer, the exciting way the news of the night unfolded and was delivered to the participants, and then special and unique experience they would be given. This ultimately lead to the ‘Gemstone’ becoming our company logo, and once we started getting the design out into the world, what we received was a very positive response. Here is the first concept for the ‘Gemstone’ logo I designed back at the start of the creative process.

Originally called the cardboard box, I think we all preferred the new name.

We liked how the modular nature of the logo could be used to create festive or altered graphics.


Project Type Company Start-up – Mystery Event Packages
Collaborators Rob Sparks / Tom Parker / James Roberts
Duration Oct 2014 – Feb 2016
Website dyfrnt.com (Discontinued)

Bolt Mini