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Robert Sparks
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Doomsday is a competitive crafting card game for 2-5 players. In Doomsday, each player takes the role a nefarious super villain, plotting world domination in their own particularly mischievous ways. Each player is trying to build their own unique doomsday device, and truly become the one most dastardly super villain to rule the planet Earth. The first player to completely build their doomsday device is crowned victorious!

The Rules

You can find a full rundown of the rules, win conditions, and crafting recipes here: Doomsday Rules & Crafting Recipes.


With a game built around a varied economy of crafting, it’s imperative to fully understand the value each element has within the game. This can only be fleshed out so much sat at your PC, working out the math – a prototype needed to built so I could playtest the economy, the flow of play, and most critically if the game was fun to play! With no printer at my disposal, I had to get resourceful – and ended up buying a bunch of plain white business cards, and some standard MTG card sleeves (I did have a fair few lying around too, luckily), and spending a few evenings writing and re-writing the cards you see below. To save time, I used the shorthand key I developed for the crafting recipes (see bottom of the rules document), and added simple shapes to signify at a glance what kind of card it was. Then, once all sleeved and put into deck boxes, I could actually try out my concept game.

The results of a few playtests, from trialing it myself, to playing with a few friends, resulted in a simplification of the crafting system, and the removal of a type of scrap / five components. Over time this formed the crafting recipe seen in the rules, and it really helped the game out tremendously to trim the fat, and remove what was unnecessary for the fun of the game. The nature of using pencil and paper to prototype aided tremendously also, as it allowed for very quick alterations to the cards for the sake of trialing a new idea suggested by the group. I also have purposely avoided making any graphical elements to the game thus far, as that time is best spent balancing and further developing Doomsday to play fun, fair, and right – however I’m itching to sink my teeth into designing the layouts of the cards. Once setup, I would love to find someone who I could collaborate with to illustrate my creation, and give it that juice it needs to attract and intrigue villainous players to the cause of world domination. Until this point, I continue to return to Doomsday in-between other responsibilities, and intend on putting a version on Tabletop Simulator (PC/Steam) once I have some graphics nailed down.

Game setup

The Scrap Pile

The Black Market


Project Type Individual – Card Game (Tabletop)
Collaborators Rob Sparks
Duration June 2016 – Present

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