With the huge amount of environmental data available, today’s ubiquitous computing environment where sensors and computers talk to each other provides the opportunities to harness this data. Our first product is the Bee box. This device is retro fitted to existing bee hives and contains temperature, humidity, weight, tilt and sound sensors to measure all environmental factors within a bee hive. This data is then wirelessly transferred to the Ardubeeno users’ virtual hive on the Ardubeeno website. The website allows bee keepers to remotely access their hive data, view live hive conditions and review historical hive data. Alerts can be set up if a bee hive falls over or is damaged, or if certain environmental thresholds are detected. A key factor in the Ardubeeno business model is the ability for bee keepers to compare their hive conditions with one another, to see which ones produce a higher yield of honey. Through this power of collaboration we aim to see a sustainable increase in bee population and honey yield.

Business Plan

You can read the full, comprehensive Ardubeeno business plan here.

Group Product Pitch

When putting together our company, we were tasked with pitching our product to prospective investors and clients, resulting in the presentation you can find below – apologies for the low quality lighting and camera.


Project Type University – Venture Culture (DAT304)
Collaborators Rob Sparks / Joe Hounsham / Patrick Selman / Alistair Bird / Beth Moore
Duration Sept 2013 – April 2014
Grade First
Download Arudbeeno Business Plan.pdf

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